My Experience in Finding The Best Internet Provider

I suppose that most people do not give that much thought about their internet provider really, especially once they have signed up for a company and just continue to pay the monthly bill without worry. But, if you were my family, you would have been correct in assuming that we never even looked at our bills, especially those from the phone company regarding our internet usage. However, after watching a powerful documentary online about how each family can literally possibly save thousands of dollars a year by simply paying more attention to their finances, I became motivated to at least take a look at the charges that I was currently incurring from my internet provider as well as other sources.

Needless to say, when I actually got out our unorganized box of bills that we had never even bothered to open, I was stunned to see that in the past few months our coverage costs had sky rocketed and we didn’t even know this. The reason behind us being unaware is that we normally set out direct account withdrawal and that way we do not have to worry about being late on payments. I calculated the amount that I was currently being charged and almost fainted, literally! Apparently my original amount that I had agreed upon paying was a “promotional offer” that had lapsed a few months ago, which explains the increase in fees I was currently forking over. So, after figuring all of this out, I decided that I wanted to switch internet providers and thus I began my search for the best Phoenix internet providers¬†out there.

Well, my first step was to find the internet providers in my area. This wasn’t so hard as all I had to do was a quick search online and determine which big companies were servicing my current neighborhood. Piece of cake, that literally took about five minutes to complete. Because that part was so easy, I began to become encouraged that this search would be rather easy. Fast forward about an hour later and my thoughts had changed. I became flustered with looking through webpages and attempting to contact every company on the phone. What a nightmare!

My ten year old daughter happened to see my discouraged look and in her infinite chmaxresdefaultild like wisdom suggested that I get the quotes online. How did she even know about this and I don’t? Anyways, that is a story for another time. So, I followed her advice and looked up pricing over the internet and soon I had a list of various prices to compare and contrast with my husband when he got home. Perfect!

So we discussed our finances as a family and discovered that we could be saving quite a substantial amount every year if we switched to another internet provider who would give us the same service we had now for much less per month. How exciting! I called my current internet provider and happily cancelled my service that very same day. I did explain to them about why I was cancelling, even though they probably didn’t care. I then switched over to the new internet service provider and made sure that my bill would never go up. Overall, I saved a ton of money simply by doing a little investigating on my own!